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"Advanced questions of History and Memory of Nazi crimes and Genocide"



In the context of the program of the "Institut de la Formation en Cours de Carrière – IFC" (Ongoing Career Training Institute), The Auschwitz Foundation - Remembrance of Auschwitz organizes a seminar aimed at all secondary school teachers in Belgium’s educational system.


These seminars have three objectives:

    • To supplement the initial training of teachers by informing them of the findings of the most recent academic research in the areas concerned,
    • To consolidate and improve teaching skills, and
    • To ensure that the teaching materials are used to teach pupils.


      Each seminar lasts two days and is led by university professors, lecturers and researchers who specialize in the subjects proposed.








      By way of illustration, here are the subjects of seminars in recent years:

      • "Antisemitism: historical and political issues"

      • "Revisionism, denial"

      • "Nazi camps viewed through composed images: photos, films, documentaries, historical fiction"

      • "Literature as an aid to memory: testimony and fiction as a teaching aid"

      • "Expansionism, colonialism and imperialism: the origins of racism and mass crimes"

      • "Antifascism and its inheritance: historical and political approach"

      • "The trauma of extreme experiences. The psychological dimensions of bearing Witness"

      • "1914-1943: from one war to another. The Great War, origin of genocidal practices in the 20th century?"

      • "The identity crisis. The return of religion"

      • "The concept of humanity: law, ethics and politics after Auschwitz"

      • "Museums. Historical and teaching issues"



      seminaire-3Teachers may register for the seminars, via the school authorities, with the Institut de la Formation en cours de Carrière (Ongoing Career Training Institute). Students and researchers may register directly with the Auschwitz Foundation.


      Organization of seminars: one month before the seminar, participants will receive a collection of texts selected by the seminar leaders. The first day of the seminar will be devoted to the study and discussion of the texts, and the second day to teaching practice in groups.




      For further information, please contact the Secretariat:

      Tel.: +32 (0)2 512 79 98 - fax: +32 (0)2 512 58 84 - e-mail:



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      Visit only by appointment.

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