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Art. 1 - In homage to all the victims of Nazi concentration and extermination camps, the Auschwitz Foundation, a State-approved Foundation, has established the Prize of the Auschwitz Foundation (€6,250) and the Jacques Rozenberg Prize* of the Auschwitz Foundation (€3,125).



Art. 2 - The Prize of the Auschwitz Foundation and the Jacques Rozenberg Prize of the Auschwitz Foundation may be awarded in June of each year for two unpublished original works, made by researchers who aren’t in end of career nor famous, which constitute a major contribution to the study of:

  • National Socialism and the Third Reich (history, politics, economy, society, culture and ideology);
  • Nazi crimes and genocides and the systems and processes which gave rise to them;
  • the consequences of these events for consciousness and collective memory in the present day;
  • similar events in the past and since the end of World War II.



Art. 3 - The value of the Prize of the Auschwitz Foundation is €6,250 and that of the Jacques Rozenberg Prize of the Auschwitz Foundation is €3,125. These amounts may not be divided between more than one recipient, and will not be increased if they are not awarded for one or more years. If a prize-winning work is published, the publication must clearly state that it has been awarded one of the prizes of the Auschwitz Foundation.


Art. 4 - The Board of Management reserves the right, following a proposal by the jury, to award a subsidy to one or more deserving candidates whose entries do not qualify for a prize but are nevertheless clearly valuable, so that the candidate(s) may continue their researches.

Art. 5 – By 31 December of each year at the latest, each candidate must file with the Auschwitz Foundation (rue des Tanneurs, 65 – B-1000 Brussels), wich has also to be send us by email, dossier containing:

    • Three copies of the document to be examined by the jury;
    • A summary of the subject of the research in 500 characters (including spaces), intended for broadcast on our website, and explaining the purpose of the research;
    • A detailed outline of the document;
    • A physical description of the document (number of pages, format, illustrations, DVD or CD-ROM, etc.);
    • A summary of the document in 6000 to 7000 characters (including spaces), destinated for publication on our website;
    • A bibliography and details of other sources (archives, illustrations, interviews, etc.);
    • The candidate’s detailed curriculum vitae.



      Art. 6 - Entries will be examined by a jury established for this purpose and including members of the Board of Management of the Auschwitz Foundation, together with anyone else whose participation they consider would be useful. Each member of the jury will present a report on the entries which he or she is asked to examine. After reviewing all the reports, the jury will award the prizes, together with any subsidy awarded under Article 4 of these Rules. The jury’s decision is final.

      Art. 7 - The Board of Management of the Auschwitz Foundation is competent for all matters not foreseen by these Rules.



      (*) In memory of Jacques Rozenberg, survivor of Auschwitz and a founding member of the Auschwitz Foundation.

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