Auschwitz Foundation - Award of the 2013-2014 Auschwitz Foundation Prizes: October 9, 2014

The annual award ceremony for the Auschwitz Foundation Prizes will take place at the Brussels City Hall on Thursday October 9 at 6 PM.

The Auschwitz Foundation Prizes, which in homage to all the victims of Nazi concentration and extermination camps are awarded annually to two high-level university research projects, have been attributed for academic year 2013-2014 to the following researchers:


  • The “Auschwitz Foundation Prize” has been awarded to Bert INGELAERE for his PhD thesis entitled Peasants, Power and the Past. The Gacaca Courts and Rwanda’s Transition “From Below”, University of Antwerp, December 2012.
  • The “Auschwitz Foundation – Jacques Rozenberg Prize”  has been awarded to Corinne BENESTROFF for her PhD thesis entitled Résistance et résilience dans l’œuvre de Jorge Semprun, Université Paris 8 Vincennes à Saint-Denis, 2013.


De plus, Madame Patricia NAFTALI, pour son travail intitulé La construction du “Droit à la vérité” en droit international. Une ressource ambivalente à la croisée de plusieurs mobilisations, ULB, 2013, et Madame Valentina VANZINI, pour son travail intitulé La Sociologia di fronte all'abisso della Shoah, universita’ degli studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”, 2013, ont reçu le bénéfice de l’article 4 du règlement permettant au Conseil d’Administration de la Fondation Auschwitz de leur allouer, dans le cadre d’une Convention de recherche, un subside pour la rédaction d’un article à publier dans notre Journal Testimony between history and memory, Paris, Kimé ou sur notre site internet.


  • Moreover, the “Fellowship of the Auschwitz Foundation” has been awarded to Izabela KAZEJAK for his research project entitled Local history of Jews, Local Memory of Jews and Local Discourses on Jewsin a Comparative Perspective – Interpretations of Local History and Culture: Wroclaw, Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, Bucharest, Vienna, Moscow, Petersburg, L’viv, Kiev.



    An academic session is planned for the prize awards, which will take place in the presence of the highest academic and political authorities of the country. The event will take place at 6 PM in the Gothic Hall of the City Hall, Grand-Place, 1000 Brussels (Lions Staircase entrance).




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