Auschwitz Foundation - Seminar “History in films, between fiction and documentary”: 22 and 23 March 2012

Seminar for teachers, organized by the Auschwitz Foundation in collaboration with IFC, the French Community’s ongoing training program

As part of the IFC’s general ongoing training program for teachers, Remembrance of Auschwitz and the Auschwitz Foundation organize a two-day seminar for secondary school teachers.


These seminars, entitled “Important questions concerning the history and remembrance of Nazi crimes and genocide”, are led by academic specialists in the various disciplines relating to the subjects proposed. Teachers who register for the seminars are provided a month in advance with written and pictorial documentation, so they are equipped to discuss the subjects in depth. During the seminar, following an opening presentation by the specialists, this documentation forms the basis for discussions, which are followed by workshops aiming to develop educational tools.


The 2012 seminar will be held at the Haute École Francisco Ferrer – rue de la Fontaine, 4 – 1000 Brussels.

  • Thursday 22 and Friday 23 March: “History in films, between fiction and documentary”

    The cinema has become a major means of recording contemporary mass violence. This seminar will examine the respective place and role of documentary and fictional films dealing with the period from 1914 to 1945, and produced from 1914 to the present. It will offer an approach to way in which the relationships between documentary and fiction have developed, with an analysis in educational terms of sequences from some typical films.

    The seminar will be led by Alain Kleinberger (Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense) and Philippe Mesnard (Director of Remembrance of Auschwitz and Professor at Blaise Pascal University – Clermont-Ferrand 2)

    Registration form (pdf)



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