Auschwitz Foundation - March 2, 2012: Conference at the inauguration of an exhibition on Primo Levi

Conference by Philippe Mesnard on the occasion of the publication of his biography of Primo Levi, on Friday March 2 at 20h00 at the CCLJ [Lay Jewish Community Center] followed by the inauguration of an exhibition on Primo Levi.

20h00: Conference by Philippe Mesnard on his book “Primo Levi: Le passage d'un témoin” [Primo Levi: the Passage of a Witness] (Fayard), and a discussion chaired by Ina Van Looy.


Primo Levi is not only one of the great witnesses to the deportation and genocide of the Jews, but also a major writer. In addition he was willing to act publicly as the intellectual defender of the memory and values which Nazism and the barbarity of the twentieth century sought to eradicate. But until now neither his works nor his ideas had been studied from the angle of how they were publicly received and the use made of them.


This new biography sets out to do this, and thus becomes a work of reference which reveals the extent of the interest in translating Primo Levi and making him known in many countries worldwide, in both the West and the East, and certain resistances to doing so.





21h30: Inauguration of the exhibition “Primo Levi”.


Created by Remembrance of Auschwitz / the Auschwitz Foundation, this exceptional exhibition, put together with all sections of the public in mind, reveals one of the greatest witnesses to the world of the camps, a survivor of Auschwitz, by presenting his life story and the works he has left us.



The evening will take place at the CCLJ, Jacob Salik Auditorium, Yitzhak Rabin Space – rue de l'Hôtel des Monnaies, 52 – 1060 Brussels.

Price: €7 CCLJ members, €9 non-members, €4 students/the unemployed.





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